About Us

My wife Gil and I discovered the Cathar region of France aboutEight years ago. So taken were we with the people, the history and the natural beauty of the are that we moved here ourselves.

The folklore, the mystery and the sheer beauty of this wonderful part of France draws many visitors from far and wide every year.

The Mediterranean sea is just over an hour away asare Spain and Andorra.

The region caters for a wide variety of tastes, panoramic walking and cycling tours, horse riding and for the more adveturouseverything from Hot Air Ballooning to White water Rafting.

The Cathar castles are a favourite with visitors and the Medeival Walled city of Carcassonne is quite breathtaking.

We hope that you are attracted to take a close look at Le Moulin with a view to making it your dream home in France.

By dealing direct with us asowner sellers you should make quite substantial savings because you will not be paying the Agents commissions which may add as much as8% to the purchase price.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you ave any questions.